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Elevator Air Conditioner(R410A)

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Product Abstract:

Mini Type Elevator Air Conditioner Simple Structure lift AC; 1.Cool Capacity:1.5kw~3.5kw; 2.Heat Capacity:1.1kw~2.2kw

Product Description

Elevator Air Conditioner Feature

1. No Need to Drain Water: Condensation water become steam,no need to drain water like home air conditioner.Bottom water pan stainless steelmaterial,ensure no leakage,Condensation water auto supervise and dealing,overflow protection, safe use on elevator.

2. Environmental:  Electrical components lead-free,environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant,the value of its ODP (ozone depletion factor) is 0,no ozone depleting.

3. Intelligent Control:  Additional to remote control,every day auto on/off time could be different,auto running by the circulation of week,startthe air conditioner only once,auto running the whole year.Even when there is electricity blackout,air conditioner will auto resume after electricity come back,while keep the original set data the same.


Brief Installing introduction:

1 . the main machine of the elevator air conditioner are installed on the upper beam of the elevator or fix by the rack to the upper beam.

2 . open an 200mm hole on the elevator car top for returning air.

3 . Tear off the original fan, heat insulating dealing to the car top interlayer, fix the subsidiary to the fan opening.

4 . lead the core of the remote receiving probe to car and fix it ;

5 . connect the copper pipe,condensate water pipe and electricity wire between the major machine and the subsidiary ;

6 . screw open the adjust vavle, discharge the air in the pipe and screw tight it ;

7 . Connect the power supply, use remote controller to set the running mode of “program control”, the air conditioner goes into auto running mode


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